If your technology is new, disruptive, or advancing, you need the right workforce to help you succeed.

C4i has pioneered an original Centers of Innovation model to train talent for you. Led by members of our team with vast workforce, technology, education, and government experience, we identify company needs then put together public-private partnerships involving academics, industry leaders, Virtual Reality training, and “real life” teaching. In these active training centers, we cultivate the people who will be a crucial part of your success.

Our model is dynamic. The Centers of Innovation are set up where your business is located, so new trainees have the opportunity for on site teaching. We use Virtual Reality tools so that students can act out and be tested on skills in challenging, real world simulations. With our technology resources, many of these trainees will become part of the “New Collar” workforce.

You can actively engage in the teaching-learning model, on site at our Centers, or on site at your business itself.  You are not only bringing job opportunities to the community, but contributing to the local economy through our innovative training programs as well.

We think you’ll agree: if disruption includes strengthening the local community by creating – and even generating training for new jobs, isn’t that the best kind of disruption there can be?