Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore has extensive experience as an international global counsel for large multi-nationals such as Hess Corporation, INOVA Geophysical, Dresser, Inc., and Temex USA. Linda is often responsible for directing companies through the requirements for regulated industries, where her background as a federal prosecutor / Chief of the White Collar Crimes Unit for the Southern District of Texas allows her to provide astute guidance and counsel in today’s changing and highly regulated climate.  Linda is the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund, a 501c(3) that educates young professional women about social enterprise as a vehicle for change, and supports women who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have the tools to create businesses. Linda believes that social responsibility is critical to competitive edge and often consults on this new norm of business. She is also the Founder and President of the Women’s Global Network, Inc., which is a community of businesswoman who offer support for each other and to women in developing nations. around the world. Linda is a well regarded speaker and published author in the field of Sustained Leadership, and her commitment to models that recognize the significance of social responsibility makes her the perfect fit for the C4I Advisory Board.