Dazzie McKelvy

Dazzie has over 25 years’ experience as a public sector manager, nonprofit executive, and now a small business owner (Workforce Matters).  Dazzie currently leads a team of expert consultants in the areas of workforce development, education, and human resources. Dazzie and her team specialize in workforce development strategies, program design, development and implementation.  Dazzie is passionate about workforce strategies because of her own personal experiences as a teen parent and a nontraditional college student.  She is experienced in developing successful sector strategies and creating lasting change in the workforce market, including being a founding director of a nonprofit workforce intermediary-Capital IDEA. Dazzie is sought out for her leadership in identifying, understanding, and solving critical issues that impact efficacy and make a difference from K–16 to workforce.  She is recognized as a valued, collaborative and innovative individual known for professionalism, integrity, agility, and expertise.  Dazzie is impassioned by a moral obligation to open opportunities and access for underserved communities.